The importance of good due diligence 

When it comes to your hard earned money do not trust anyone other then your self “only believe what you see” that’s the first thing you should learn before entering any business and especially real estate where the investments are big. And real estate agents can some times be very pushy Learn how to do the proper market research,  and when you master how to do this right you are on the right track to becoming profitable in the market. 

Always take your time to do the due diligence. And stay away from fast grab deals especially when you are new to the business and you lack the expertis.  a grab fast deal will steal your ability to do the proper research

Never get discouraged! and keep on learning as much information possible, by investing in your self you will always earn profit

If you will take the time before going into contract to do the proper research and discos the numbers with a friend you trust to get the 2nd view your chances for success will be much higher, otherwise, you will probably lose money on your first few deals,

Tip of the Week

Question: is possible for me to make a living dealing with real estate without having a lot of money in my savings account for investment 

Answer: “Yes” in fact most people that became rich dealing with real estate started out without using a penny of there own money

Here is how it works, you take the time and effort to spot a good deal, then you create a report or even an excel doc. with all the costs and expenses and all the other details involving this deal, then you approach someone that has the money and you offer him a partnership, remember, if it is a good deal most people will be very happy to invest their money in a good real estate deal,  

And don’t forget you will also get some free training to, all responsible investors will take the time to dig deep in your reports and spot your mistakes, remember people are paying a lot of money to get professional advice, after a few times of doing this you will become pretty good in spotting the good deals “and when you have a good deal you will have the investors on board to”